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الأربعاء، 17 يوليو 2019

6 ways to get rid of drowsiness after lunch?

6 ways to get rid of drowsiness after lunch?

 ways to get rid of drowsiness after lunch

Many people feel very sleepy after lunch. Hence, there is a need for measures to ensure that this feeling is mitigated, or at least mitigated.
Here are tips for getting drowsy after lunch, according to British Mirror Online.

1. Stay away from the phone

A research paper by the British Computer Science Institute found that employees who use their phones during lunch break to browse social networking sites are emotionally tired and need to relax more than those who eat away from their smartphones.

2 - stretching exercises

Continuous stretching exercises contribute to the movement of multiple areas of the body, which helps increase energy in the body and thus avoid feeling sleepy during the day.

3 - snack

Nutritionist Shani Shaker says a snack helps reduce sleepiness. Shani is recommended to focus on meals that combine simple and complex carbohydrates, fiber-rich, protein-free meals to balance blood sugar levels and insulin, and feed the body longer.

4 - inhalation of mint

A study in the United States, that inhalation of mint helps reduce fatigue by 15%.

5 - Humidity of the body

Drink water constantly, eat liquid meals to maintain body moisture, increase the effectiveness of mental performance by 10%.

6- Chew gum

A study of Cardiff University says gum chewing helps to wake up, stimulate and focus longer, because jaws help stimulate heartbeat, increasing blood flow to the brain.

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