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الخميس، 4 يوليو 2019

Facebook and YouTube stand up: no to fake health treatments

Facebook and YouTube stand up: no to fake health treatments

Facebook and YouTube have announced their intention to step up efforts to counter the proliferation of treatments that offer fast and effective solutions, which are in fact futile mixtures.

There are many publications on Facebook about "inflated health announcements aimed at arousing consumer enthusiasm" to buy products.

Therefore, Facebook intends to limit these publications, especially after criticism of the network to overlook the spread of misinformation during the election campaigns.

It is expected that the social networking software that displays the publications on the users' home page will be modified.

"Jealousy in youtube"
For its part, YouTube made similar statements.

The ads came after a Wall Street Journal poll on erroneous information on the Internet, for example, that sodium bicarbonate cures cancer.

"It is necessary to curb the spread of fraudulent content to help people receive correct information about health," wrote Travis Ye, a Facebook official who stepped up efforts last month to tackle anti-vaccination campaigns.

The Wall Street Journal also highlighted videos that promote dangerous ointments, food preserves and unacceptable diagnoses.

"Misinformation is a real problem, especially with regard to medical issues," a statement from Google's YouTube said, announcing the intention of the platform to extend access to serious sources so users can verify for themselves

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