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الخميس، 4 يوليو 2019

For lovers of coffee ... your favorite drink achieves the dream of fitness

For lovers of coffee ... your favorite drink achieves the dream of fitness

A recent study may be good news for coffee lovers. The study by researchers at the University of Nottingham revealed that coffee helps to lose weight and avoid type 2 diabetes by helping the body burn fat.

The researchers explained that eating a cup of coffee drives brown fat to work, an active tissue that burns sugar and fat from food to maintain body temperature.

The body fat is divided into brown fat and white fat, the latter forming the bulk of fat in the body, which is responsible for storing excess energy and thus gaining weight.

It is believed that caffeine in coffee is responsible for burning calories in the body.

During the study, whose results were reported in the British Daily Mail, the researchers tested their theory on nine healthy volunteers, at the age of 27 on average, after they found that they had succeeded in the laboratory.

Volunteers were prevented from exercising, drinking caffeine or alcohol for at least nine hours before the test.
Then a group of volunteers got a cup of instant coffee, others got a glass of water, and their bodies were checked for caffeine.

Professor Michael Simmonds noted that previous studies revealed that brown fat is mainly concentrated in the shoulder, neck and back areas, so they were able to monitor the effect of caffeine on participants easily.

"The results were positive and we now need to make sure that caffeine, as a component of coffee, is a catalyst, or that there is another ingredient that helps activate brown fat," said Simmonds.

Thermal surveys showed that the brown fat of the participants became hotter when they drank coffee, indicating that they were burning calories.

1 cup of coffee or more
It was not clear from the study, whether eating one cup of coffee in the morning would be enough to stimulate burning calories throughout the day, or if people should drink coffee more regularly.

Simmonds said the study was the first to determine the direct effect of caffeine on brown fat.

"The potential effects of our results are fairly large, because obesity is a major concern for society as well as a growing diabetes epidemic, and brown fat can be part of the solution," he said.

The team also found that when brown fat is activated, the body controls the amount of sugar and fat circulating in the blood better, which may help control blood glucose, thus protecting people from type 2 diabetes.

Professor Simmonds and his colleagues will continue their studies to see if other sources of caffeine can have benefits like coffee.

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