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الأربعاء، 3 يوليو 2019

Problems of digestion .. Sometimes can not be diagnosed only from lack of vitamins

Problems of digestion .. Sometimes can not be diagnosed only from lack of vitamins

Researchers report that lack of nutrients may be the only symptom that suggests adults have problems with digestion.

Doctors often look for symptoms such as unexplained weight loss or extreme thinness, but the hallmark of indigestion may be a decrease in vitamin and other micronutrient levels, according to a Mayo Clinic Prosidments report.

"They expect to see hypoglycemic patients suffering from nutrient deficiency due to poor nutrient uptake and diarrhea," said Joseph Murray, a professor of medicine at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota who co-authored the study.

"But now we find many patients who have not lost weight, and many of them are overweight even though they are deficient in nutrients, they do not lose calories while they do not absorb important nutrients."

"Practically speaking, doctors have to look for lower levels of certain nutrients, especially iron, vitamin D and zinc," Murray said.

"People come and say that they do not feel as active as they did in the past, whether during exercise or daily activities, indicating that they may have iron deficiency because of digestive problems, do not have diarrhea or stomach pain but lack iron because of damage to the intestine."

Murray said the initial screening of the disease was a blood test. "If the result is positive, the patient should be referred to a gastroenterologist to make sure they are really digesting problems before determining a diagnosis that requires lifelong treatment."

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