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الأحد، 7 يوليو 2019

Study: Laziness and eating in large quantities is the main cause of obesity

Study: Laziness and eating in large quantities is the main cause of obesity

A team of scientists has revealed that obesity can not be blamed solely on genetics because poor lifestyle choices are the main drivers of weight gain.

According to the US medical site "MedicalXpress", obesity rates have tripled since 1975, and about one in three British adults suffer from them. The researchers said this refers to malnutrition and lack of exercise mainly, yet heredity still plays a role.

Obesity experts agreed on the results, saying genes play a simple role in "weight gain" and that our genetics almost changed over time. In Norway, scientists analyzed results, including body mass index measurements, from a previous study of 11,895 adults.

The researchers found that people in the higher "genetic susceptibility" group were more likely to have a BMI than those who were identified as having lower risk, but the results also showed that BMI had increased for both genetically modified and uninitiated people since the 1960s.

"This finding provides a new look at the role of genetics in the development of obesity," said lead author Maria Brandkvist, PhD student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

The researchers added that people exposed to genetically are more likely to rise body mass index and that the genetic readiness to interact with the environment of obesity, leading to a rise in the body mass index.

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