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السبت، 27 يوليو 2019

The best pH for water

The best pH for water

The best pH for water

The water in the human body represents about seventy percent of the human body. Water is a very important component, and the water itself has a large number of components that make it very important. Today we will learn about the water components and also know the pH in it.

the importance of water

Water is the secret of life. Water helps the body to control its temperature. It is also responsible for detoxifying the body, which is also in the form of sweat and urine. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage large amounts of water during the day to prevent any drought. , And that the body in its normal state is more alkaline acidic, so be careful to maintain the alkalinity that is found in the body and that is by drinking alkaline water, as there are many studies that proved that eating acid water in large quantities can be Is caused by the emergence of many health problems.

PH in water

Which is symbolized by the symbol ph, is considered Elias, which determines whether the liquid acidic or base or even moderate, and the fluids with acidity less than seven acids and are considered to be liquids that have a pH of less than seven alkaline solutions or base, either the degree The acidity, which is seven, is considered neutral. It is equal to the pH of the pure water at 25 ° C, and the pH can be known by using the pH index.

The importance of pH in humans

Ph is naturally present in human blood as well as in other fluids in the body. It also regulates blood through a very complex system of dissolved carbon dioxide from salts and proteins, known as a blood-regulating solution that is found in the blood The value of ph can affect hemoglobin. The lower the ph value, the less oxygen that can be contained. If carbonic acid decreases during breathing in the blood, Hemoglobin is separated from oxygen, but when the opposite happens, the dioxide is released Carbon from the lungs and so the ph value in the blood, and in that way, the viability Alheicilobin rise to contain oxygen.

Alkaline water

The word alkalinity here means pH, which is the number of acid or alkaline substances and compounds. Alkaline water here can be said to contain a high degree of pH when compared to regular drinking water. The pH of drinking water, in general, is 7, but alkaline water is measured in numbers with pH 8 or 9.

Benefits of alkaline water
 Alkaline waterworks to fight to age greatly thanks to its antioxidant properties.
It also helps to cleanse and cleanse the colon from all that is present.
 Alkaline water also works to strengthen the immune system and the immune system that exists in the body.
 also works to provide the ideal moisturizing of the skin as it needs.
Water also helps in the process of losing weight significantly.
Water also fights the cancerous diseases that exist in the body.

Alkaline water damage

Shaking in the muscles of the hand markedly.
 Feeling also aches in the limbs.
There may be a decrease in the proportion of calcium in the blood, which affects the density of bone, but we find that most of these symptoms are the result of some disorders that result from activity in the thyroid gland.

Water is acidic

The acidic water is the sulfuric water, which is characterized by its wonderful sulfur, which is usually found in some areas of the world, and we find that it is characterized by a large sulfur smell, and we find that the pH is very low, acidic water also contains some elements that help in Kill bacteria and parasites, which can eliminate all skin diseases when exposed to skin directly.

Benefits of Acidic Water

Acidic water is very useful in the process of getting rid of bacteria and also in parasites especially when bathing them.
 The water is also very useful for scalp and hair.
Works to relieve pain at times and helps in the treatment of wounds and burns.
 also treats acne and eczema.

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