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السبت، 27 يوليو 2019

Vitamins help hair growth

Vitamins help hair growth

Vitamins help hair growth

One of the most feminine signs of femininity is the beautiful hair that women see. Taking care of it is one of their priorities. However, the hair suffers from many problems such as droughts, falls, explosions and other problems. This is due to many misuses of chemicals, sashes, dyes, lack of attention to hair hygiene and other things. In addition to the type of nutrition and food types that are addressed by some women, which lacks many vitamins and minerals useful for hair.

The most important vitamins that help to grow hair
There are many factors that help to solve these problems experienced by some women with her hair, such as taking care of it repaired using shampoos and bath cream allocated to each case and every type of hair, in addition to taking vitamins and minerals, whether naturally in foods or in commercial form such as vitamins And others.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps to produce many natural oils useful for hair, which gives the hair gloss and glamor and decent, and helps to dry the hair because of the antioxidants that make it always wet, and plays this vitamin important role in the growth of cells properly and correctly and increase its density and It is one of the most important vitamins to help the length attractively, and can find such a vitamin in many foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, and liver.

Vitamin B17

This vitamin is a type of vitamin B vitamins twelve, which help repair damaged hair and makes it more intensive, which helps the vitamin to produce fatty acids in cells that are the basis of proteins, which have a key role in the process of manufacturing and composition of glucose, Vitamins that have the ability to dissolve in water, this vitamin of the most types of vitamins whose results show the growth rate of hair and give him strength and thickness, you can find this type of vitamins in foods rich in biotins, such as bananas, yeast, and bananas.

Vitamin C

This vitamin plays an important role in the production of collagen, which helps to prevent the appearance of gray hair early and also helps prevent dry hair. Collagen is also a vital protein that helps to increase hair density and growth, and we can get vitamin C from the following supplements and food: Lemon, strawberry, and guava.

Vitamin 12B

This vitamin is also a family of vitamins B, which helps to grow cells, and this vitamin is essential vitamins in the growth of hair healthy and prevent falling, and also helps absorb iron well from food, and foods rich in such vitamin is yogurt, milk, and eggs.

Folic acid

One of the things that helps maintain and grow hair is folic acid, which can be obtained by taking vitamins, whole grain wheat, and can be found in many supplements, which are a mixture of minerals and vitamins, and help this acid to prevent the emergence The early gray, maintains the hair moisture and keeps it dry and gives the caffeine's thickness and luster.

Omega-3 fatty acids

This type of fatty acid has many benefits as it maintains the health of the heart and reduce depression and fight inflammation, which is competent to create healthy cells that transport food to all parts of the body, including hair, where it helps Omega 3 in the transfer of food and vitamins that help hair length and growth Properly, such acids are found in sardines and salmon.

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