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الثلاثاء، 2 يوليو 2019

What happens to the body when eating bananas on empty stomach

What happens to the body when eating bananas on empty stomach?

The German magazine "Fruenden" advised not to eat bananas on empty stomach, which may cause health damage to the body, according to the site "statement".

Bananas are not a good meal for breakfast on empty stomach, despite the nutritional recommendations to eat at least three fruits a day, because it contains large amounts of vitamins and energy, for the following reasons:

When you eat bananas on an empty stomach, your blood sugar level rises immediately, and with it increases the level of acid in the body. Although bananas are nutrients that give the body energy quickly, which makes it the perfect fruit for those who exercise, Soon it runs out, and then the body feels tired.

Bananas are made up of up to 25% sugar. When taken on empty stomach, the insulin level increases rapidly, then decreases significantly, and the body reacts to hunger.

Bananas contain many healthy foods, such as vitamin B6 and calcium, but these elements are not well absorbed by the body, except when eating bananas with other ingredients, such as muesli, nuts and honey, in which case, the banana becomes suitable for breakfast.

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