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الخميس، 1 أغسطس 2019

Nerve problem and how to adapt with it to overcome it

Nerve problem and how to adapt with it to overcome it

Nerve problem and how to adapt with it to overcome it

Neurosis Most people experience a range of physical and psychological stress and stress resulting from work, study, social relationships, etc., leading to increased nervousness, stress, and anxiety, leading to some health problems, such as hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. Many of them have to follow some of the ways they treat neuroscience to avoid these risks, and that's what we'll teach you about in this article.

Symptoms of anxiety disorders include 

 Difficulty concentrating.
 body aches.
 Excessive irritability.
 Vibration or trembling.
 Quick heartbeat. 
 stomach pain.

 What is a neurological treatment 

Deep breathing 

Take the same deep when feeling stressed, through the inhalation of the nose with the count of four, fill the lungs with air, keep it inside the body until counting the number ten, then slowly take it out of the mouth, counting to figure five.

Eat supplements

Take supplements that contribute to mood improvements, such as omega-3, vitamin C, and fatty acids, as they reduce the level of stress, and are possible to get from fish, citrus.

Listen to music 

and laughter Do anything funny, or amusing by following a funny series, movie, program, or listening to your favorite music, which lowers your blood pressure level.

Breathing good odors

Breathing natural odors, such as sandalwood and lavender, calms the nerves and can be used natural oils by placing in the water bath, or on clothes, such as flannel oil, and lavender.


Relaxing in nature, meditating, thinking positively, it is best to sit in a comfortable and quiet place, to reduce stress, depression, and nervousness.

 Yoga practice

exercises yoga; it calms the nerves, strengthens the body, increases its balance, flexibility, in addition to increasing concentration, improving overall mental capacity, and calming nerves.

Other ways to treat nerve

Escort Optimists:

 Choose with positive people, and avoid negative, because they increase the feeling of nervousness.


Going out and hiking with close people, who feel comfortable with them.

Relaxation and massage: 

Massage the body and relax, reducing pressure, calms nerves, it is possible to use natural oils in massage, such as avocado oil, hazelnut oil.

Take a warm bath: 

shower with warm water, which relaxes the muscles of the body, and saves him from tension and nervousness.

 Reading a book: 

reading a book to calm the nerves, and to give the mind a break from all psychological stresses.

 Take a nap:

 take a nap, to lower heart rate, and blood pressure.

 Pour cold water in the wrists:

 go to the bathroom, put some cold water drops on the wrists, to calm the whole body. Chewing gum: chewing gum for several minutes, which will reduce the level of cortisol in the body, which calms nerves, and reduces anxiety.

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